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Then wonderful new levels of sexual pleasure for me as Lara brought me to orgasm with her tongue. Once, twice, three times while her man masturbated for me, or it was the three of us.
“Can we do it again soon, Sarah? I would love to have your man and you could have mine,” Lara whispered as she escorted her and her man to her parking lot.
« I’d love to soon, very soon, » I whispered as we kissed goodbye. « And maybe just you and one of your girlfriends someday soon? »
You can read all about that encounter in my story. SARAH SEES ANOTHER MAN HAS HER MAN from him.
Three weeks later, while my man is away from her, and coincidentally hers, Lara has invited me over to her apartment to meet Joyce at two o’clock on Sunday afternoon.
“I’m sure you and Joyce will get along. She is a little younger than you,” she tells me on the phone. « I’ll email you some photos. »
“What should I wear?” I ask, even though I know what I intend to wear.
“Less is more, Sarah. You’re a very exciting woman,” Lara tells me without too much subtlety.
On Saturday afternoon I decide to get ready by shaving my pubes in front of a mirror before preparing my clothes for the next day.
I haven’t had sex in two weeks and I’m so horny. Shaving has raised my libido, I need desi hd sex video xxx hd full sexual relief, at least one big orgasm. As I look through the drawer in my thongs and thongs, I can see my range of vibrators.
I had forgotten about Joyce’s photos, Lara emailed me. As I scan the photos of her, I slide my most expensive and powerful vibrator along my pussy lips, then between my pussy lips. I am wearing a tiny, crotchless thong to enhance my pleasure. My big butt looks good framed by him in the mirrors.
Masturbating while looking at photos or images of a naked woman (or a hung, naked, muscular man) for extra stimulation while masturbating is not a new experience for me. Joyce is an attractive blonde with a very feminine body. A lesbian with obvious lipstick, I guess? She is sitting on a chair bare but for heels and a charming smile with her legs spread wide apart.
I am very excited about her giving me sexual pleasure together with Lara and me giving them sexual pleasure tomorrow.
I really enjoy the special pleasure of getting closer to orgasm, a very special pleasure, when the phone rings. As expected, he is my man. I had been waiting for his call and I wanted to share my masturbation and the way to my orgasm with him.
“I’m so fucking hot baby. I am naked apart from my crotchless leather jockstrap. I am sitting in front of a mirror. And I have a huge, almost painful erection. You know I love phone sex. Talk dirty to Me. make me cum Can you hear me jerking off for you, baby? —She tells me.
“Guess what baby? I’m so fucking horny too. I am completely naked, except for my heels, sitting in front of a mirror. I’m playing with my pussy lips with my favorite vibrator, the one you like to use on me.
“I am looking at some pictures of Joyce, she is an attractive blonde with a very feminine body. She is sitting on a chair bare apart from her heels and a charming smile with her legs wide apart. Remember Lara, that was her man who gave you that terrific blowjob a few weeks ago while she and I watched. And she had me when you finished.
“She has invited me to her condo tomorrow to meet Joyce. I hope they seduce me. You know how much I enjoy being licked to orgasm by another woman. Maybe two women tomorrow?
“Are you comfortable with that baby? You know I’d love for you to watch, but you’re too far away. The next time you’re fucking me I’ll tell you everything. Better yet, before you fuck me, extra foreplay for both of us.
“I can hear you baby. Are you using one hand or two? Are you ready to cum for me? I’m hanging out for an orgasm. Really hanging out for it,” she whispered into the phone.
« Two hands baby, » I moan as I have the most wonderful orgasm of relief, then another.
Come Sunday I want to be the center of attention – sexual attention from two women. Neither Lara nor I have mentioned or alluded to sex in the build up, which makes it all the more exciting for me. Although I told Lara on the phone: « I love being licked and teased. »
« I know Sarah, I know. »
Lots of sexual tension as Lara holds my hand as she shows me around her condo. Her bedroom has beautiful low lighting, seductive soft piano All porns music, and mirrors on all the walls and ceiling.
“I love your outfit, killer heels, and the way you wear that yellow jacket with just one button up to highlight your cleavage is hot,” Joyce tells me as she stands behind me and helps me take it off.
« I’ve wanted to do that to you again since I had you three weeks ago,” Lara whispers as she licks and sucks on my nipples.
“And that short black skirt is to die for, your thighs look amazing,” Joyce tells me as she kisses me for the first time and deftly slides it down to my ankles.
“Standing or lying down, Sarah?” Joyce asks as she and Lara take turns.
you kiss me.
“Stand up,” I whisper as I stand with my legs apart, my hands on the wall of mirrors for support.
“I told you she has an amazing, fucking amazing butt in that little black thong. And she loves to be kissed and licked,” Lara tells Joyce as they lick and kiss my ass in unison.
“Even better totally naked,” Joyce murmurs as she slides my thong down to my ankles and over my heels.
« Lara told me that when she licked you to orgasm, she found out you were multi-orgasmic, » Joyce jokes as I arch my body forward, my back against the wall as she slides the tip of her tongue along lips that are wet and eager for him. my pussy. .
“I love holding your glorious ass in my hands while I lick you,” she tells me as Lara tongue kisses me.
“And I love to lick and suck on your nipples while my girlfriend licks your pussy,” she murmurs as she licks and sucks to my delight.
“You’re a very exciting woman, Sarah,” Joyce whispers as she lays me down on the bed and places a pillow under my butt.
Lara is standing behind me holding my hands as she leans in and tongue kisses me.
When Joyce sits on my face, I’m licking her pussy lips just like I’ve wanted to do since I got here.
I can’t see Lara licking my pussy lips, but I love the feeling as I lick her friend.
Suddenly I realize that there is an extra person watching. A young man in his twenties.
« John is my stepson, » Joyce tells me. « Do you mind if he looks at Sarah? »
At that moment I can’t think of anything better than a young guy watching me having lesbian sex with two women. I love sex with an audience.
« I’d love for him to look at me, naked, with a boner, » I manage to mutter as I look at him and watch him undress. He is a handsome and well-built boy. And he has a huge thick cock.
Another one of my fantasies is reality. I have my hands wrapped around John’s stepmom’s thighs as I lick her pussy lips with her stepson watching.
“Masturbate for Sarah. And me, baby John. I promised you Sarah would like to see you masturbate for us,” Joyce whispers.
I love to see a man masturbate. A twenty year old guy with a huge thick cock jerking off while having lesbian sex with two women, one of them his stepmom, is an amazing and completely new sensation.
“Before Sarah leaves, I want you to lick and kiss her glorious ass cheeks while Lara and I watch, John,” Joyce tells him as she tongue kisses me and he complies. “And you can jerk off your new boner for me. His butt is really magnificent.”
I love that my ass is worshiped. This is special, very special. A twenty year old naked guy with a huge thick boner licking and kissing my ass cheeks while his stepmom and another woman watch has me wanting more. Next time I want my man to watch John lick and kiss my ass cheeks before he gives him a blowjob. And maybe he can give my man a blow job while Joyce and I watch?
« I’ve invited Joyce and her 20-year-old stepson next Sunday, » I tell my man after a wonderful fuck, the first in more than two weeks after he returned from his business trip.
“What for?” he asks, pretending to be naive.
“I have never given a guy a blowjob while his stepmom was watching with you watching. And you can have Joyce. And maybe he can give you a blowjob. Do you attract a very well-endowed man less than half your age? I joke knowing I do.
The day before, Joyce phoned to make arrangements. “You made such an impression on John, he’s been talking about your ass ever since. He keeps asking, does he really want his man to see me licking and kissing his ass? And she wants to compare my boner to his?
« Yes, I do, he does too. »
Before Joyce and John arrive, my man and I look forward to his visit and anticipate how this will play out. We have both agreed that we want to be sexually pleased in a foursome.
When they arrive, Joyce and I kiss in greeting as the men watch. I want to be the center of attention for two men and one woman. I want my man and his stepmom to see a boy less than half his age lick and kiss my ass cheeks. And I want to compare the size of his erections.
Apart from my heels, all I’m wearing is a very short black silk robe and a little black thong to show off my buttocks.
Joyce and I are still kissing as she slowly slides myrobe to expose my butt. “Magnificent, fucking magnificent,” John groans as he begins to lick and kiss my ass cheeks.
Joyce continues to tongue kiss me as he helps me out of my dress and then out of my thong.
“Show Sarah and her man hers your cock, honey,” Joyce whispers before he agrees and strokes her. “Her butt of hers has really turned you on, hasn’t it? You, Sarah, have really turned me on. »
« Now show me and my baby your dick, » Joyce says to my man.
« Your man is well endowed, Sarah, but he’s not as big as my stepson, » Joyce tells me as she runs a tight hand over my man’s erect cock as she and my man watch John resume licking and kissing.
my buttocks I am so pleased that my man got a full thick nine inch boner seeing a very well hung guy licking and kissing my ass.
Joyce is right, her baby John is thicker and longer than my man. Wonderful visual appeal in the wall mirrors as he continues to worship my ass.
I can hear Joyce whispering to my man. “My baby is huge, right? Did Sarah tell you that we have sex together? Would you like to suck her big cock? Or would you like me to suck your dick? Or better yet, would you like to see Sarah suck her cock while he sucks yours? While I watch you naked and play with your nipples?
Just as he expected, my man decides on the latter option. John is sitting in our sex chair in front of a wall mirror while I kneel between his legs. My man stands, his erection at the perfect height for John’s lips. I want to see John start on my man before I start on him. Joyce is playing with his nipples while John takes his erection between his pursed lips.
Almost thirty minutes later I’m sitting in our sex chair. Joyce and I are watching the two men jerk off as Joyce prepares to lick me to orgasm.
Later, after we had all showered together, my man and I watched John lick his stepmom to orgasm. They were incredibly comfortable with each other with many subtle variations in their technique.
Then the ending, watching Joyce give her stepson a blowjob.

Childrac, une rencontre où l’humanitaire prend tout son sens

Durant cette mission médicale de janvier 2020, lors de leur intervention dans le village de Azohoué Aliho, nos trois bénévoles, Elodie C, Marion et Elodie T témoignent d’une rencontre où l’humanitaire prend tout son sens :

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